The Endless Dream

the endless dream

I’ve had the dream of doing my own graphic novel project for quite some time now. The dream is to create a graphic novel from start to finish completely myself. I mean, I want to do it all, create the concept, develop the concept art and characters, write the story, layout, draw, ink, letter and color the pages, set it up for printing, print, publish and market the thing. I want to do it all, I want it to be a piece of art that comes completely from me straight to you. It’s a very ambitious endeavor, but I am up to the challenge.

I am going to begin to document the process and share it here as I go along on this adventure. In the end I hope to have a fully completed graphic novel and maybe even a statue or two to go with it.

I invite you to follow me on this journey of creative process, exploration, discovery and unknown. Perhaps you will enjoy the story and artwork, be inspired and maybe even learn some new tips, tricks, or process to help in creating your next graphic novel or collectible.

I’m excited to get started, the road will be long and filled with many obstacles I’m sure, Let’s begin!



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