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The Dreamer

So, I know I want to take on the gargantuan task of making a graphic novel…now where to begin?
You may find yourself in the very same boat stranded at sea looking up into the vast void and wondering what to do with the small spark of inspiration that led you to the notion of creating your own graphic novel.

After the initial creative jolt I felt and the idea to finally do my own book got planted into my mind I had to really think through a plan of attack.
This will be a huge project for me and the hardest part is just believing that it is possible and going for it.

I’ve been lucky enough to be around comics and the comic industry my whole life. I had a promising job offer from Marvel but never took the plunge and I abandoned illustrating when I was hired by Todd Mcfarlane to do sculpting and design for his toy company thus diving full force into my sculpting and figure modeling career. In the back of my mind I always lamented not giving comics a proper shot and hoped to one day give it another go and enter the field. Needless to say that never came to pass…until now.

I did some illustrations and pin up work that never saw print and worked on a couple books that fell apart which further discouraged me from breaking into comics proper. The whole time I thought to myself why am trying to break into this industry on established books at larger companies when all I really want is to be free, be creative and do my own thing? After a lot of soul searching and being inspired by some of the great success stories in indie comics I decided to stop spending time trying to get on someone else’s book and just do my own finally.
I packed up some original art and headed to NYCC to be part of artists alley, my sculpture bought me my ticket into the ranks of artists there but I really wanted to test out some sample original illustration and meet other indie artists walking the walk.

My work was well received by the fans, the real people walking around buying comics and art. People really liked my stuff and I was busy all weekend selling prints and drawing commissions. It was a dream come true. I finally thought to myself…this is possible, people like my work and if I actually do a whole book I know there will be an audience for it.
I now believed in myself and in doing the book, the first step has been taken.
I decided to go for it.

Now I have to begin the real core of the project and I’ll continue to outline the steps I take as I go through the process.

I hope this inspires you to take the plunge as well. Start as I did and test the waters at a convention or other forum and if things go your way take that first step and believe it is possible.

Until next time,
Keep creating!



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