Enrico Studios http://enricostudios.com Sculpture & Illustration by Enrico Botta Fri, 23 Jan 2015 13:48:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.4.10 The Black Demon http://enricostudios.com/the-black-demon/ Thu, 22 Jan 2015 17:37:11 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=704 The Black Demon is an original character I created and independently own.

At it’s core The Black Demon is a dark fantasy action adventure peppered with crime and horror stories, quirky humor and a taste of the noir.

I have a dedicated website at theblackdemon.com

I will be updating the site with my progress on the creation and development of the character and the book series.

I hope you follow me along and enjoy the ride.


Rivals Vinyl Series 2 Kickstarter! http://enricostudios.com/rivals-vinyl-series-2-kickstarter/ Sat, 28 Dec 2013 17:01:55 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=685 rivals color proto 001Rivals Vinyl Series 2 Kickstarter is now live!

Check out these awesome designer figures I worked on for Chase and James at Wheelhouse creative!  Go to the Rivals Vinyl series 2 Kickstarter page and contribute to this stellar project today!!

Thank you so much for checking out the new series of Rivals toys, we worked very hard on them and loved every minute of it!


Sculpting Rivals Vinyl Toys. http://enricostudios.com/sculpting-rivals-vinyl-toys/ Tue, 03 Dec 2013 16:03:13 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=679 I Have the great pleasure of working with the super talented guys at Wheelhouse creative on the Rivals Vinyl Series 2 project!

Rivals Series one continues to explode with steampunky goodness and reach more and more good people, I am super excited to bring my sculpting, prototyping and painting skills to work for Chase and James over at Wheelhouse and have Rivals series two make an even bigger splash!

Stay tuned for details and watch out for the Kickstarter so you can grab some of these amazing collectible works of art!


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Baltimore Comic Con http://enricostudios.com/baltimore-comic-con/ Thu, 12 Sep 2013 23:05:00 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=630 20130912-190436.jpg

Baltimore Comic Con was a blast.
Chris Kotsakis and I debuted or new comic book Dark Antiquities, the book was very well received and I thank everyone who picked up the preview issue! I did a few cool commissions and also debuted Dead Heroes, my zombie spin on superheroes. Very cool vibe and a super weekend. Ill definitely be back for more next year!

Keep creating!


Pressing on http://enricostudios.com/pressing-on/ Tue, 25 Jun 2013 16:04:19 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=625 I have not posted to my blog lately so I figured I’d throw out a little update post. I am pressing on with creating my first graphic novel and the amount of work required is pure craziness. There are many skill sets I need to refine to make this project happen the way I want it to, for example proper lettering, layout and coloring as well as printing and that’s not even considering the writing and drawing of the book. I’ve dedicated my time to writing and thumbnailing the chapters now. I’ve put together a few binders to collect my work and I am ironing out my process which I’ll share at a later date. I’m gearing up for my next comic con appearance and trying to overcome writing blocks and sticking points in my story. More to come very soon.

Until then, keep creating!


Heroes United Con was super! http://enricostudios.com/heroes-united-con-was-super/ Wed, 08 May 2013 13:25:17 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=584 I had a great time at the Heroes United Con. I shared a table with my good friend and amazing artist Chris Kotsakis. I met some super nice people and was able to do commissions and make happy little art babies for all who so desired it. I did a sweet Vampirella pen and ink drawing for a collector…but I can’t post any images of it per his request…darn you Mr. Private collector you… seriously he was great and it was a pleasure to create an original piece for him. Great event over all. A very special thank you to Mark Poulton for inviting me along to participate. See you guys at the next one.

Until then, Keep creating!

[See image gallery at enricostudios.com]

Enrico at Heroes United Comic Con 3 http://enricostudios.com/enrico-at-heroes-united-comic-con-3/ Tue, 30 Apr 2013 12:32:31 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=573 I’ll be doing commissions and showcasing illustration and sculpture at Heroes United Comic Con in Voorhees NJ May 4th.

I hope to see you there!

Writing a graphic novel http://enricostudios.com/writing-a-graphic-novel/ Wed, 17 Apr 2013 19:16:31 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=569 The first real step in the creative process of making a graphic novel is coming up with your idea. Your concept. You have to take all the brainstorming and inspiration and distill it into a solid idea that you can build from.
I like to brainstorm and write down a bunch of ideas, start sketching and see where it takes me.
Ill take little ideas and riff on them in the form of character sketches or scenes. Ill write out quotes that pop into my head or lines I think a key character would say.

It’s good to think of a working title and start using that as a label in your sketches and writings. A working title is not a permanent thing, it’s only a place holder and a device used to focus your ideas on, a sort of physical or visual focal point for your concept. The working title can change many times to adjust and fit your concept or maybe you will come to love it that title and it will encapsulate your idea completely and become your actual title.

I had this idea, a concept for a story, I pictured a few characters, kids, trapped in a dream world of some kind and going on strange adventures where anything could happen. While daydreaming about this concept I had this title pop into my head “Children of the Endless Dream” I began to doodle and eventually came up with some characters I found visually appealing and started to brainstorm ideas of who they were and what they did in this dream world.
This concept and title became the catalyst to begin working on a book.
Now I have to figure out how to evolve that idea and make it an actual story.

If you are lucky you may already have been hit with a concept idea while day dreaming or creativity struck and you now have an idea to flesh out.
Some times an idea just comes to you and in that case you now have to take that idea and give it structure, flesh it out and build upon it until you have a solid story, characters and developed concept to work with.
Once you arrive at this point you now get into the next stage of your project, the writing stage.

For writing I found a wonderful program called Scrivener.

Scrivener allows nonlinear writing. This means you can write individual scenes or ideas in the form or virtual folders or note cards. These note cards can be dragged and dropped in any location in the timeline of your story.

This works great for me because I like to jump around and rearrange as I write. There are also features in the software that let you hold and display artwork, backgrounds and character sketches. It’s a great tool and I recommend it to all writers.

More on the writing process soon.
I’m just starting to figure out plot, characters and other basic story telling aspects of my graphic novel. Ill elaborate as I go on. It’s a very exciting creative and challenging place to be in the process.

Getting started http://enricostudios.com/getting-started/ Wed, 23 Jan 2013 23:45:38 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=496 So, I know I want to take on the gargantuan task of making a graphic novel…now where to begin?
You may find yourself in the very same boat stranded at sea looking up into the vast void and wondering what to do with the small spark of inspiration that led you to the notion of creating your own graphic novel.

After the initial creative jolt I felt and the idea to finally do my own book got planted into my mind I had to really think through a plan of attack.
This will be a huge project for me and the hardest part is just believing that it is possible and going for it.

I’ve been lucky enough to be around comics and the comic industry my whole life. I had a promising job offer from Marvel but never took the plunge and I abandoned illustrating when I was hired by Todd Mcfarlane to do sculpting and design for his toy company thus diving full force into my sculpting and figure modeling career. In the back of my mind I always lamented not giving comics a proper shot and hoped to one day give it another go and enter the field. Needless to say that never came to pass…until now.

I did some illustrations and pin up work that never saw print and worked on a couple books that fell apart which further discouraged me from breaking into comics proper. The whole time I thought to myself why am trying to break into this industry on established books at larger companies when all I really want is to be free, be creative and do my own thing? After a lot of soul searching and being inspired by some of the great success stories in indie comics I decided to stop spending time trying to get on someone else’s book and just do my own finally.
I packed up some original art and headed to NYCC to be part of artists alley, my sculpture bought me my ticket into the ranks of artists there but I really wanted to test out some sample original illustration and meet other indie artists walking the walk.

My work was well received by the fans, the real people walking around buying comics and art. People really liked my stuff and I was busy all weekend selling prints and drawing commissions. It was a dream come true. I finally thought to myself…this is possible, people like my work and if I actually do a whole book I know there will be an audience for it.
I now believed in myself and in doing the book, the first step has been taken.
I decided to go for it.

Now I have to begin the real core of the project and I’ll continue to outline the steps I take as I go through the process.

I hope this inspires you to take the plunge as well. Start as I did and test the waters at a convention or other forum and if things go your way take that first step and believe it is possible.

Until next time,
Keep creating!

Making the Man of Steel http://enricostudios.com/making-the-man-of-steel/ Tue, 15 Jan 2013 16:26:48 +0000 http://enricostudios.com/?p=487 I decided to create a deluxe 12 inch figure of Superman to showcase my sculpting and prototyping work for the New York Comic Con. I’ll take you through the process so you can see what goes into creating a collectible of this caliber.