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The Dreamer

Getting started

So, I know I want to take on the gargantuan task of making a graphic novel…now where to begin? You may find yourself in the very same boat stranded at sea looking up into the vast void and wondering what to do with the small spark of inspiration that led you to the notion of […]

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Making the Man of Steel

I decided to create a deluxe 12 inch figure of Superman to showcase my sculpting and prototyping work for the New York Comic Con. I’ll take you through the process so you can see what goes into creating a collectible of this caliber.

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the endless dream

The Endless Dream

I’ve had the dream of doing my own graphic novel project for quite some time now. The dream is to create a graphic novel from start to finish completely myself. I mean, I want to do it all, create the concept, develop the concept art and characters, write the story, layout, draw, ink, letter and […]

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